Fraylen Locksley

Elven Ranger, Widower.


Fraylen being a ranger at heart, is one of the best longbow shots in the clan, she is witty, kind hearted and fun-loving along with being Ven’s Ying to her peculiar Yang.

Though growing up around and being schooled in druid ways, on her wondering Fray for short found the calling to be ranger but due to the unfortunate pasting of her father moved to Whigar take up her father’s role of next in line as head of the clan. She started attending councils meeting with her grandfather from the age of 130, and ended up learning wild shaping from Ven who was asked to take up her schooling due to being the best at shaping in the clan. Over the years Ven between the callings of her duty’s worked very close with Fray, they became very good friends and eventually fell in love. After two years of courting Ven and Fray were married, Fraylen took Venzenya surname of Locksley and together eventually where blessed with a family.

Fraylen Locksley

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