Venzenya Locksley

Half-Elf Druid; Deceased


Venzenya was a Druid of Whigar. She was found by her adoptive parents wandering Whigar’s dense forests when she was a child, with no memory of where she had come from and what had come before she was walking amongst the trees. She wore a wooden medallion around her neck of which she had no recollection.

A half-elf among many Wood Elves, Venzenya stuck out – but was never treated differently. Her mother taught her healing skills, and her father magic but both instilled in her the Druid’s respect for their deity; Silvanus, The Forrest Father. Early on in her time with the people of Whigar, she started to recieve private lessons with the clan elders, who recognised in her an ancient responsibility. She was to be the Guardian of The Tree of Life, and needed to understand not just the history and the gravity of being a Guardian, that her actions would have implications not just for her clan and the others on Whigar, but for the whole world.

To celebrate their passing into adulthood, the druids of Whigar require their youngest to take a trip of self discovery. For most this journey starts simply by wondering through the forests, walking the paths of the old ways. Venzenya walked through the forrests, until one night she stumbled on a clearing. Within the clearing dancing around a great bonfire were elves, though not like the Wood Elves she had grown up with.
Some looked on as other danced around the fire, others were playing music on strange wooden instruments and Elves singing so beautifuly that Venzenya found a place to hide and watched. Near the bonfire was grand table full of food – more than Ven had ever seen at one sitting. At head of the table, sat on a throne made from the body of an oak tree was a man wearing a large crown and mantle of twisted Dragon’s Blood branches. Captivated by what she had seen, Venzenya tried to find the bonfire every night there after – though it’s location moved frequently.

One night, Venzenya was hiding, watching the strange elves dance and celebrate, when she was pulled from her hiding place, and wordlessly encouraged to join in the dance. The crowned man – unmoved from his throne, as he always was – stood, pointing at Venzenya, calling out in a language she did not understand. The party stopped, and she was brought forward to him. Afraid, Venzenya flinched when he reached out to grasp the medallion around her neck. He studied it for a moment, and a strange look came over his stoic face. “My child. You have returned.”

This time, when Venzenya left the Feywild, where the bonfire had been all this time, she was accompanied by an entourage of seelie Fey – guards, in full armour, scibes, servants of all kinds. They traveled with her back to Whigar, where she explained to the elders of her clan and adopted parents what she had discovered. She was to stay with her father to learn about her Fey heritage. In the Fey she was taught how to fight, read and speak Elveish amongst other things. She would still visit her Druid clan as often as she could and carried on the teaching that they had shown her. She spent many years moving between both worlds before deciding that the Material Plane needed a guardian for The Tree of Life.

Venzenya was 150 when she made her decision to stay on the Material Plane. She travelled to the sister clans, reforming alliances and taking up her role as a member of the elder council, a group of elders from all the clans on Whigar. Venzenya’s responsibilties involve regular meetings about the running of each clan, about the clans interrelationships, along with any other problems that could affect them from outside the island. Venzenya also keeps them informed of any spiritual disturbance with Tree of Life. Occasionally, she would be guided by the Tree of Life to resolve spiritual problems in other lands, collecting and containg evil artifacts, for example. It would have been a lonely life if not for Venzenya’s wife.
Venzenya fell in love with the head elder’s only granddaughter; an Elf called Fraylen Oakfield. Together, Venzenya and Fraylen have four children; Ozlen, their eldest, and the triplets, Theoden, Thezeiros and Thamho.

At the time Venzenya joins the party, she is 400 years old, a life span granted to her through the magic of The Tree of Life. Over recent years, Venzenya has kept her role as Guardian a secret, in an effort to protect her people. She joins the party with Gwing, the young Half-Elf, who recognised Venzenya’s uncanny ability to get into trouble and decided to accompany her, to help keep her out of it.

Sadly, Venzenya lost her life in defense of the people of Kadar, from a presently unknown threat.

Venzenya Locksley

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