Thezeiros Locksley

Elven Bard; Deceased


Thezeiros – Ros for short – is the middle child of Venzenya’s three biological children, and possibly the most like her (at times, much to his party’s dismay). After his mother disapered he made his way to Kadar, her last known location, where he aquainted himself with Rosa, and eventually, Saxum and Lillia.
Rosa opened her home to him, and he stayed with them for the better part of three years, whislt he waited for signs of his mother and her party to resurface.
Once the party returned without her, from the feywild, he joined them on their journey to Whygar to pay their respects.

Adventurous and at times quiet, he often wonders if he’s shirking his duties on Whygar, where his mother and brother are waiting to start training him for duties as Elder.

Thezeiros fell in the battle under the lake of Ithraldwell against Dazhna, Molotok and Sryp.

Thezeiros Locksley

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