The Tree of Life

From the notes of Venzenya Locksley, Guardian:

The Tree of Life to the Druid is the link between the Heavens, the Earth and everywhere
between. We believe that the trunks of the trees, especially Tree of Life connects each
world together. It is through this connection that Gods can keep watch on us, and that we sometimes able to communicate with them. We believe that the trees are our ancestors and that man came from the trees, and so regard trees as living, magical beings. As the trees come together to create the forests and woodland, they spread their branches out to the world beyond and their roots roam the lands below. They link together, combining their life forces – their very existence – for us. They provide us with shelter, food, medicine and warmth through the burning of their wood. The animals, birds and insects find homes among them. But most importantly to us, the trees are our strongest connection to the magic of the wild and the magic that our gods granted us to wield.

The Tree of Life guards the doorway to the heavens, earth and everything between, it guards the connection to our gods, to magic and to life not just for my kind but for all kinds.

The most sacred of trees are the oak, or ‘daur’ in my languages.

To honour the Tree of Life, my clan and many others will leave a single, large tree usually an Oak in the centre of a field whenever land has been cleared. This tree is called Crann Bethadh. Under its branches, we appoint our Chieftains, gatherings are held and traditions are upheld. As the tree has the power to take care of all life, cutting it down is a great crime, and thus, the greatest triumph that we could achieve over our enemies would be to cut down their Crann Bethadh.

The Tree of Life has a Druid guardian known as the ‘One with knowledge of the Oak’ or ‘Wise person of the Oak’. Those who possess Knowledge of the Oak possess knowledge of all the trees. This Druid that has the knowledge of the trees are known as the ‘Forest Sage’ and the ‘Strong Seer’. There is no higher honor than being the Guardian of the Tree of Life, they have or can be granted the power of nature itself. The last guardian was killed by our darkest enemies and so the guardianship was passed onto me.

The Tree of Life

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