Temple of Kord (Kadar)

The Kadarian Temple of Kord is loacted on the northern shore of the city, an old dry dock that has been coverted into a temple. Around the great stepped basin followers of Kord built a large structure of stone – a simple, but powerful space that reflects both the power of Kord, and that of the sea – mostly pillars, only the outside of the temple is walled. The interior is a completely open space broken up by structural pillars and large reliefs, carved from sections of ships so large they stand freely between the pillars acting as walls. The temple is roofed, except for the basin, which is completely open to the elements.

The dry dock can still function – the gate holding back the Arridian Sea can be opened, though it rarely is. Mostly water trickles in, or over the top if the sea is rough.

Kord’s presence in Kadar is thanks in large part to the number of sailors that pass through the city, who find their working strength in Kord.

The current head of the temple is Balasar.

Temple of Kord (Kadar)

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