Rosa Zahradny (Zameena)


Sorcerer, Dragonic Ancestry. Prefers Evocation.


The daughter of Ronnulth the Gold, and Lillia Zahradny, Rosa grew up on Knothol. Several years after her father disapered, her mother encouraged her to find someone to teach her to use magic properly, to help her live up to something. She left home to study under Sareth, and met Rook, who she eventually fell in love with.

She was present the night Rook’s pursuers attacked Sareth’s tower, and fled with Rook in the aftermath, taking up a mask and a new name alongside him. After the incident in Faberston, she headed east, through the mountains. Whilst not entirely sure what to do with herself, but not wanting to return home, she kept an ear to the ground for news of Jay. Her first run in with the Cult of Tiamat was when following a rumour that suggested the Drake Family was trading women in The Silver Homeland. It was a trap, and she came away from the experience with more than just physical scars. Rosa spent the next year on the run.

She met the party in Dergan’s Battery and shortly afterwards was kidnapped by The Cult of Tiamat. The party followed the trail to The Nest, to save her.

She currently resides in Kadar, and stayed behind when the party headed to the Feywild to ressurect Venzeya.

Rosa Zahradny (Zameena)

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