White Dragonborn Barbarian


Nagar was born in the icey turmoil that is The Dragon’s Nest, and the chaos his life as a white dragonborn hatched to a silver family reflects this enviroment. He does not remember his father as he died when Nagar was quite young, and his mother, Halda – distraught at the loss of her nest partner – grew more and more distant from her children. Nagar was mostly raised by his older sister Dazhna, who kept him entertained with stories of the platinum dragonborn hero, Birroth.

Dazhna taught Nagar a great deal about their culture and his place in it, as well as how to hunt, track and fight – all three skills highly prised by the Barbarians beyond the walls. He also watched whilst Dazhna fought with Halda – always just out of earshot, neither would tell him what they had been arguing about, or why. By the time Nagar had been inducted into the Guard, Dazhna had already earned herself a rank and reputation. Nagar fell inline behind his sister and tried to support her in everyway he could, in an attempt to repay her for the time she had spent raising him.

Barbarian life outside the walls of Birroth is tough. Whilst most creatures south of the Arridian Sea know how to speak and read common. Nagar, like many of his kind do not speak much beyond their native Draconic, and he is one of a lucky few who where taught to write it. With his understanding of written language he was able to consume a great deal more of the story of Birroth, Dragonborn Hero -for which the great city is named – than the average Barbarian in the camp. Consumed by the desire to be this hero and fight alongside the mighty Dragons of lore, Nagar set out to find them – no matter how unlikely – even if that meant leaving The Nest. Dazhna gave him her waraxe before he left.

When the party made its way to The Nest to rescue Rosa, Nagar was excited that there would be the potential for him to see his family again. When Dazhna took the party east to find Rosa, Nagar stayed behind and resumed life as if he had not left. The visits to his mother where particularly needed for the homesick dragonborn. About a week after the party left Nagar at the camp, there was a flash of light from the Camp’s keep, and Nagar found himself fighting for his life, against the Dragonborn he used to call ally.

Once the members of the camp turned to the Cult of Tiamat where satisfied that they had caused suffcient damage, they turned their attention to Birroth, the walled city. Amongst the ruins of his camp – his home – Nagar found Dazhna’s notebook which revealed how she played a pivotal role in the betrayal, and the body of Halda, who had been slain in the assualt.


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