Irae Goodfellow (Red)

Moon Elf Rouge


Irae Goodfellow was born to their royal highnesses, King Idhrenion and Queen Aranel Goodfellow of Aeternum, the Moon Elf Kingdom. Always curious, Irae was off sneaking around from the time she could walk, enjoying herself in the kingdom’s rich natural landscape.

During Irae’s childhood, Aeternum had an uneasy relationship with Melicar, the Sun Elf Kingdom to the south. The King, Eruestan Mallum and his wife Forvenniel, had five children, Daeron the eldest, the twins Dessuithiel and Daerwen, Draugole, and Daugon. Unhappy with their trading relationship and the odd border dispute brought the rulers of each kingdom together, to look for answers. Unification through marriage seemed a simple solution. The Kings would rule for their lifetimes, and upon their passing Irae and Daeron would take their places, united though marriage.

Daeron and Irae were polar opposites. Despite attempts by their parents to make them friends, so their eventual union would be simpler, nothing worked. No matter how many times they visited each other, they simply did not like each other. She had a true friend in Aust Nailo, the son of Thalion Nailo – an ambassador from the Kingdom of Forlon, the Wood Elf Kingdom to the west, and good friend of Idhrenion. For years, they were inseperable, sharing the burden of being only children with great expectations. Aust would often accompany her to Melicar, were the two of them would become friends with Daugon, the black sheep of the Mallum family.

When she was in her thirties the political situation in Aeternum boiled over, a faction of lords gathered their men and attempted to overthrow the King, who they believed was too soft, and should see Melicar as a threat. What army there was locally and the palace guard put down the insurrection, but not before they broke into the palace. After a long day of intense fighting, the last of the traitors died. Irae was found, hidden in a cupboard in a room covered in blood. She was in shock. A few days passed before she was able to confirm her father’s worst fears. Her mother had bundled her into the cupboard, despite her protests. What happened next was a blur, but she heard her mother screaming, and opened the cupboard to a large amount of blood – more than one person could lose and live – but no body. Her father refused to believe she was dead, but Irae did not share his hope.

Distraught with grief and hungry for revenge at the thought of her mothers murderer being free, Irae left home with not much more than a handsome amount of gold and a few essentials, in search of her mothers killer. She did not stop to think of how this would make her father or her friends feel. Knowing Aeternum had been searched by the army, Irae left the Kingdom after a week, decideding her mother’s murderer must have fled.

Following what little information she had, Irae traveled, picking up clues and chasing leads until she came up with a name: Lairion Nequam, a known assassin in Elven lands, the Drow had a reputation for cruelty in the dead of night. Irae spent the next year trying to find him, her desire for revenge growing from a dull ache to a roaring fire.

She was in human lands, when her less than subtle hunting methods had consequences. Leaving an inn, she was suprised by a man with a knife. Before the assassin could do any more than knock her off her feet, she was saved by another man, who in the blink of an eye had disarmed and counter attacked the assassin. Her attacker fled, and she was helped off the ground by her savior, who intoduced himself as Nate. Afraid to use her real name, she thanked him, and said her name was Red.

Nate and Red became close friends, and over the next 20 years, they shared their secretive backgrounds, Nate training Red in his less-than-honest skills. They moved around a lot, both to avoid his past catching up to him, and to chase hers down. 20 years is not a lot in the life of an elf, but Nate was reaching his late fifties, and was begining to slow down – a human’s body not as resistant to time as an elf’s. As time went on, he talked more and more of retiring, taking half of the money and disapering into the night, until finally, after a particulary successful scam, Red woke up to take over as watch and he was gone. Although she understood why he had left, his departure was not any easier to bear.

Over the next 5 decades, Red hit the road, using the rogue skills she had learnt from Nate to survive and help people where she could, the hunt for Lairion Nequam falling to the back of her mind. Much to their collective suprise, it was about this time that Red ran into Daugon Mallum, who confronted her for leaving so suddenly, and for such a long time. It was clear to her that her old friend would rather she return for the sake of her father and be married to Daeron, whom they both hated than continue to run away from what he considered her responsibilities. Still, she stayed a week in this village he was in, so they could catch up – it had been over 70 years since she had been home. He told him of his family, of their friend Aust, of how the relationships between their two kingdoms had gotten tenser, and how her father had become a bitter, harsh man, left to wallow in his grief in the absence of his daughter. Daugon asked red to come home and they’d try to find her mothers killer from there together. She declined, believing vengence was on the road.

Over the years red would occasionally by chance meet Daugon in a town or city, their meetings were always nice, but brief as the diplomat would usually try to convince her to return home, and so Red would sneak away before Daugon could protest to much. Eventually he got used to this, and stopped feeling offended when she would suddenly stop turning up.

Red has spent 300 years travelling, avoiding her homeland and keeping to herself, but always listening when travellers talked of Aeternum and it’s people. She was shocked to over hear a pair of merchants discussing the King’s new child, a half-elf boy. “It seems his desire to sure up the throne was overcome by other desires”, the merchant joked. Her mind put slightly at ease, by her father’s apparent moving on, and so she headed to Imardin, chasing a lead on Lairion.

Irae Goodfellow (Red)

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