Half-Elf Rouge


Gwing’s clearest memory of her past, is time she found Venzenya in a pit, at the side of the road. Everything before that is blurry and unclear, as if somebody had poured water all over her memories, spreading the ink.

Since saving Venzenya from the pit, they became firm friends, Gwing accompanying the slightly clumsy druid, helping her on her journeys across the world. She joined the party in Imardin, having accompanied Venzenya, who was on a mission to the city.

Once back in Kadar, having saved Rosa from The Nest, Gwing brought herself a new bow – one that fit in her hand as if it was her own.

Sadly, Venzenya fell in battle. Whilst attempting to revive Venzenya, the old magic summoned by Silvanus crashed through the party, washing through Gwing’s mind like a great storm breaking a dam. Rooted to the spot, she has a vision of a wolf at her side, drawing the bow she brought in Kadar to fire an arrow at a floating monster – a creature with one large eye and many eyes on stalks over it’s spherical body – that is firing beams at people she knows to be her friends, though she does not recognise them. Several die before the vision ends – one turned to dust, another to stone.

Back in Kadar, she seeks the advice of Rosa, the only spell caster of any ability they know. She examines Gwing’s mind, and discovers that indeed, the majority of her memories have been blocked off in her mind.


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