Dwarf Fighter, Eldritch Knight


Gimgar is a daughter of Tarth, the tent city. The second youngest in a family of 7, Gimgar (35) and her younger brother Lytgar (20) are relatively young in comparison to their siblings. Ovdur (174), Daredel (191) and Thorara (250) are at least a century and a half older than them, and all have families of their own. Their parents, Balaz and Gilyur had a hard time keeping up with their youngest children, at 382 and 383 years respectively.

Gimgar means ‘cheerful bear’, a suitable name for such a happy baby. As she grew, she never settled always looking for the next thing to do. She was raised largely in part by her older siblings, Balaz and Gilyur finding it difficult to keep up with their bouncing ball of curly hair. Gimgar showed no interest in the pursuits of ladies, and so to spare her sisters, Balaz took over when Gimgar turned 10, and began to teach her hunting and mining.

It was clear early on that Gimgar prefered the outside – she was an OK miner, but hated the lack of fresh air and sunshine – so Balaz took her hunting. Gimgar made her first kill at 13, and soon Balaz and Gimgar where joined by Daredel, her older brother. Together Gimgar and Daredel made quite the team. She was only 15 when the council gave her the warrior and hunter tattoos.

Shortly after her 15th, she joined a perimeter run of the camp – but eager to prove herself further, she ran ahead of the party. 20 minutes into her sprint ahead, she encountered a bear bigger than any she had seen hunting with her family. Aware that it was dangerous, but desperate to prove herself, she stood her ground, hoping the bear would back down and run away. It did not, and so she attacked it, but the bear was too strong and smacked the war axe from her hand with one swipe, before striking her down with another. Just before the Bear could finish her, the rest of the perimiter party caught up, and slew the beast. She was carried back to the campsite with moments to spare. Her stubborness had almost cost her her life.Having almost lost their daughter, Balaz and Gilyur decided Gimgar could not hunt and certainly could not perimeter run until she had proven her self sensible enough to do so.

Lytgar – or ‘little bear’ – was born within the year of Gimgar loosing her hunting rights. Gimgar now took the role her siblings had taken for her, and helped look after him in their parent’s advancing age. Their bond is particularly strong, his company helping Gimgar through this time where she was unable to do what she loved most – hunt.

She was 25 when she decided to leave Tarth and the confinement of her family. She packed and left in the dead of night, leaving only a note explaining why. She travelled the world for 10 years before she met the party, and was happy with the hunting, mercenary lifestyle she made for herself – despite how she missed her family.


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